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Bhakti Yoga Philosophy

In the philosophy of Bhakti Yoga (devotional service), the Absolute Truth is known as a person. His name is Krishna, a Sanskrit word which means “all attractive”.

Without loving someone and being loved by someone, life is very empty and superficial. The origin of that love is the soul’s love for God and God’s love for the soul. We are attracted by someone who is beautiful, someone who is powerful, someone who is learned, someone who is famous, someone who is renounced, and someone who has wealth. These are opulences that attract our heart.

The name –Krishna, means that he possesses all opulences in full. He is the source all beauty, all strength, all knowledge, all wealth, all fame, and all renunciation. And Krishna’s love for the soul is unlimited and unconditional.

We could feel Krishna through the path of bhakti. Bhakti is the easiest process God has given us through which we could think of him all day, every day. Krishna resides within the hearts of every living being. Bhakti Yoga means to be reunited with our source, with God, through acts of devotion—by remembering about him, by chanting his names and singing his glories, by praying to him, by worshiping, by rendering service to him, to his devotees and to all living beings. These are ways by which we could always feel the presence of Krishna.

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